• All jewelry is made to order, so please allow us at least 1-2 weeks for construction and shipping.
  • If a manufacturer of a specific bead used frequently in The Violet Wolf’s collection should change, that will be reflected in the available stock. Some pieces may be replicated, but there may be variances in the finished product should a color or style be discontinued.
  • Some of The Violet Wolf’s specialty beads and stamped metal is vintage and/or very limited in supply as they are boutique finds. If there is a piece you must have, but we no longer have some of the components, we can certainly work with our customers to create a custom piece that will satisfy while working within the confines of what is available at that time.
  • Please allow more time for custom pieces; that time frame will be determined in the order process, depending on the gravity of the custom order. For example, a pair of custom tassels may have a quicker turnover than a large, flat beaded wall hanging, or a fabricated piece from raw metal materials.
  • All vintage stamped jewelry has had additional fabrication work done in the shop; most stamped items we receive need additional holes drilled for findings, wire work and beaded embellishments. All assembly involved is meticulously crafted and planned.
  • Large orders of multiple items, even if they are like items, will take longer to construct in addition to others, so please plan for that when you time your inquiry and place order.
  • Items are priced based of the cost/availability of materials and the time it takes to make each piece.
  • We locally source as much of our items as possible, and do our best to source all precious and semi-precious stones in a humane and sustainable way. If there is any doubt or question, we won’t buy.

Woven Earrings

  • If you find that the fringe to your woven earrings gets kinked or isn’t laying/draping/falling properly, don’t fret. You can simply run them under the faucet or dip them in a cup water so that the fringe is saturated. (This will not harm the beads or the finished piece.) Once they are fully saturated, place them between your middle finger and forefinger and gently tug them, folding them over one of the aforementioned fingers, and pulling them down from the ear wire or “hook” and gently tug opposite with your forefinger and middle finger. This will straighten the fringe and evenly distribute the tension for each column.