Hand-crafted Jewelry and Original Fiber Art Designs

The Violet Wolf in ATX

If you fancy perusing The Violet Wolf's jewelry up close and touchable, please feel free to stop by Swamp Mermaid Salon (1000 East 5th Street, #114) and/or Arbour Beauty (3311 North Interstate 35, Suite 99) here in Austin, Tx. Both places are run by amazing...

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Rona 2020

Oh That Rona. 2020 had so much promise. I halfway didn’t expect anything much to change… maybe the same old bullcorn that usually goes down, but nothing downhill from 2019 or the previous years. I didn’t think anything could possibly get worse. Most folks I spoke to...

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About Violet Wolf

I am a multimedia artist, entrepreneur, student and single mother of two. I find joy in learning new things, and I find peace keeping my hands busy with creative endeavors.