Oh That Rona.

2020 had so much promise. I halfway didn’t expect anything much to change… maybe the same old bullcorn that usually goes down, but nothing downhill from 2019 or the previous years. I didn’t think anything could possibly get worse. Most folks I spoke to seemed to hold some promise for the year to come, no more of the status quo, no more settling, maybe even no more red meat. I was one of those folks, as I had a rough start to the winter season, even whilst residing in Texas. Quite a few of us got our asses handed to us, or as my 16 year old would say, we got “nae naed”.

Y’all, we done got nae naed.

I have watched so many of us, though, flourish and prosper during this time. Some of us have found a bit of stability, and had a moment to breathe and enjoy being with their family, and more importantly, in their own company. As for those who haven’t had a moment to do those things, those who have felt more pressure than before placed upon them, I send you my love and gratitude. I wish I was in a position at this moment to give you all the things you need to sleep well and feel taken care of. You are seen and appreciated, even if the government (or others who believe Rona is a hoax) won’t. There are more of us who do. <3

I am going to open up this blog for things beyond jewelry. It will contribute to a creative outlet for yours truly, however, I do plan to keep it PG-13. I am going to post recipes, news about other creative endeavors I enjoy, and should the mood take me, the occasional musing. This is a new year, even though we are right in the middle of it, but it still feels new to me, so I’m going to put that in the proverbial pipe and bid a loving farewell to this most recent new moon in Cancer.