I’ve been steadily doing my best to create continued content for tutorials on bead-weaving, focusing on publishing them in an order that is meant to build upon the previous video.

Below is the single brick stitch using bugle beads, and then with seed beads, both creating a diamond shape, one with and one without fringe. Bugles with fringe will be made shortly, as the fringe is worked slightly different from the fringed seed beads.

Diamond-shaped Bugles without fringe:

(1) Make Your Own: Bugle Bead Earrings (Diamond Shaped Brick Stitch w/out Fringe) – YouTube

Diamond-shaped Seed Beads with fringe:

Explodies of Courtney

(1) Make Your Own: Seed Bead Earrings (Diamond Shaped Brick Single Brick Stitch with Fringe) – YouTube